Custom Orders

Maybe you want to gift a unique pair of earrings as a birthday or Christmas present, give your bridesmaids some custom earrings as a thank you gift, or a bride wanting custom earrings to wear on your special day! Whatever the occasion may be, we'd love to help. Below are a few simple steps you can follow to make the process easy and straight forward for both you and us, the designers.

What To Do:

Email us at and let us know:

  1. Your name, phone number, email address and what the occasion is you want custom earrings for.
  2. Give us the date you need them by (for a single pair of earrings we need three weeks notice. For more than one pair we need four weeks notice).
  3. A description of the earrings you're looking for including size, color(s), and style (specifically meaning studs or dangles)
  4. Let us know if there is a specific designer you want to create your earrings, Jaclyn or Jocelyn. If you do not specify we will either collaborate on the order or decide based on our personal schedules.

What Not To Do:

We're happy to create one of a kind earrings for you but also want to maintain creative control in the process. We will need some details from you which we listed above, like colors and sizes, but kindly ask you allow us to create from our own minds and not copy something from Pinterest or other artists. 

We'll include you in the process and show you what we're working on as we go, but our desire is for all custom orders to be unique from start to finish!


Prices will be calculated based on the size and amounts of earrings ordered. Once they are finished we will add your custom order to our website so you can add it to your shopping cart and pay. Standard shipping rates will apply.